Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Nanny

I was listening to an NPR podcast about willpower. The take away = we've got a limited supply of willpower so it's better to avoid temptation.  Don't fill your pantry with cookies if you don't want to eat them.

Writing on the computer tests my willpower.  It's hard not to check my e-mail, Facebook, or the news (well maybe just the gossip news).  That's why I hired my nanny.  The nanny is a google chrome extension that blocks sites during specified hours.  If I try to click on facebook between the hours of nine to five, my nanny sends me a message that says, "shouldn't you be working."   And the Nanny's right.  I should be working.

Post a comment with your writing tips for staying disciplined and exercising your will power.


  1. This is a great tip. I just found your advice on Literary Rambles. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for this great post! I've been wishing for something like this ever since I caved in and got internet access at home. I swear I'll set it up later today! Thanks for giving my willpower a boost.